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Government Must Introduce Changes to Fair Deal Scheme as a Priority

IFA President Tim Cullinan has called on the Government to prioritise the legislative changes needed for the Fair Deal scheme, which will place a three-year cap on farmland under certain circumstances. 

He was speaking following a meeting with Minister Mary Butler earlier this week to discuss the Fair Deal and Mental Health.

“During the election, all parties paid lip service about changing the scheme. The new Government is in place over five months, and yet farmers are still waiting despite being told two years ago that it would be fast-tracked.”

Minister Butler informed the IFA President and the IFA Farm Family Chair Caroline Farrell, that she hoped to bring the amended legislation before the Oireachtas early in the new year and that the Dáil would enact it in the Spring session. 

Tim Cullinan said, “We will be observing for progress and will hold Minister Butler to account. The scheme is fundamentally unfair. It is bringing huge stress and worry on farm families, while they wait for this Government to act”.

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