Animal Health

MEPs Should be Guided by Strong Science on Animal Medicines

IFA Animal Health Chairman Pat Farrell said MEPs from Ireland must reject the motion before the European Parliament today that would limit the use of animal medicines.

“If the motion is accepted, it could be very damaging for animal health. Farmers are responsible users of medicines to treat animal bacterial diseases. Restricting them could jeopardise food safety and food security,” he said.

The motion objects to the Delegated Act on the use of Antimicrobial Resistance.

Pat Farrell said there are some instances where the use of critical antibiotics is essential as there isn’t an alternative. “Without these medicines, the livelihoods of farmers will be threatened because they cannot treat their animals,” he said.

The Animal Health Chairman said the strict controls around the use of animal medicines should be a sufficient safeguard, without imposing further unreasonable restrictions.

IFA has been in contact with MEPs ahead of the vote, pointing out that antibiotics are only allowed with a prescription and only following physical examination, good husbandry and proper diagnosis.

“We have also reminded MEPs that there is robust scientific backing from a range of agencies, including public health experts. Our position has always been that legislators should be guided by science,” he said.

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