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Simple Steps to Security for Farm and Home


During this period with many restrictions in place, securing your property and equipment does not have to be a complicated process. With younger family members out of college and school an ideal opportunity exists for some ‘’ security housekeeping’ to be done.

Simple steps can offer the best protection for your home and equipment. Ask yourself some simple yes/no questions to start the process.

1. Property Identification – Eircode

Is your home property/address/farmland easily located if required by emergency services? If you live in a very remote area have you given directions to your address? This simple measure costs nothing and could save time and lives. You can use the Eircode finder- simply put in your address and you can view your Eircode number immediately. This should be recorded and left in view for easy access to any user. If you are unfamiliar with this process ask a family member or neighbor to assist.
Property Marking:

a. Photograph Machinery, Tools, Household items and any valuables
b. To get an idea of scale stand beside larger items such as quads and trailers
c. Make a register of the make, colour and any unusual markings
d. Record serial numbers of items and keep any receipts
e. Overt marking- Use heavy duty etching/ stenciling
f. Permanent heavy-duty marking can be done with a welder or grinder
g. Etching or Engraving can be done underneath machinery or in areas which will become mud splattered and so remain hidden
h. Permanent Marker or Ultra- Violet Pen may be appropriate to mark smaller equipment
i. Soldering Iron is an affective tool for permanent marking of plastic items
j. Your local Garda Crime Prevention Officer may have access to some new Property Marking Equipment through the Local Authority scheme – this is a free community service.
k. The use of your Eircode is great for crime prevention

2. Boundary
Are your boundary fences/ gates and entrances in good condition? Are they secure and intact? Restricting access to your property is key to security.

3. Vegetation
Are trees and bushes trimmed back to reduce cover for potential criminals?

4. Lighting
Do you have appropriate exterior lighting around your farm building and outbuildings? White light on a timer or sensor activated is the most effective.

5. Alarms
Is there an alarm fitted to your dwelling house? IFA has a new member benefit with Phone Watch. Members can save up to €210 on a home security system For more information visit Phone Watch on or call the IFA membership office on 1800 236 236.

6. Doors
Are your external doors on all buildings fitted with robust locks? Are walls and roofs in good repair

7. Windows
Are all external windows fitted with robust locks and maintained to the highest standard? Are patio doors bolted or blocked from easy removal?

8. Keys
Do you store keys for all your machinery out of sight in a secure location? Are keys for home and car secure. Never leave keys out under plants or mats.

When completed keep all this information in a safe place where it may be accessed easily if required.
Please be mindful of our neighbors, friends and elderly who are isolated and vulnerable.

With restricted movement, grocery shopping, medicine, bill paying and pension collections may be a great concern to many people.

Let us be vigilant and look out for all in our communities and do what we cam to assist. Neighborhood Watch, Community Text Alerts and WhatsApp Groups may help us be safe and secure during this time.

Remember DO report any suspicious activities of persons and vehicles and ring 999 or 112 and give the Gardai a registration number or description.

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