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IFA Inputs Project Team Leader John Coughlan said compound feed prices are out of line with ingredient costs.  He called on the industry to reduce ration prices immediately given the perilous state of the beef finishing sector. John Coughlan said, “Many compound feed mills are not reflecting the significant reduction in cereal prices, which unfortunately […]

Domestic Market Most of the Winter barley and Winter oats harvest are now completed with good progress made on Winter oilseed rape, however work has ground to a halt in the past week due to the wet conditions.

Domestic Market The harvest is now underway and some progress has been made in parts of north Cork, Tipperary and Kilkenny. Initial reports suggest that yields are reasonable with good quality. There is still no confirmation on prices as merchants report no firm orders from the feed trade as of yet. Forward green prices for […]

IFA Grain Chairman Mark Browne said following last year’s straw shortage, mushroom composters have recognised the importance of a local supply and are proposing contracts to guarantee enough quantities.

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