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Overview This season’s growing conditions have been better for some crops than others. It was certainly a more favourable season than last year’s drought-stricken conditions. The looming uncertainty of Brexit and trading environment made it very difficult to plan for the future.

  Over 130,000 farmers and their families will be working this Christmas Day to provide food for Irish consumers.

Speaking today at the IFA Retail Event, addressed by UK Groceries Code Adjudicator Christine Tacon, IFA National Liquid Milk Chairman John Finn said the first condition for farmers to get a fair price from the retail chain was for retailers to pay a wholesale price which guarantees a return for farmers.

Addressing the IFA retail conference Getting Fairness for Farmers in the Food Chain in Dublin today, IFA President Joe Healy said the UK model of retail regulation should be replicated by the Irish Government if it’s serious about giving farmers and suppliers are to get fair play in the food supply chain.

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