Smart Farming Seminar

Sources and Solutions: The link Between Our Soils & Water Quality

The Smart Farming programme is a voluntary resource efficiency programme which focuses on eight key areas that offer the greatest savings to farmers and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at farm level.

The programme aims to save participants €5,000 through introducing resource efficiency measures on their farm, and reduce GHG emissions by up to 9%.

The 2021 Smart Farming event “Sources and Solutions, the link between our Soils and Water Quality” launched a series of short information videos on soil fertility, soil carbon sequestration and improving water quality.

Two videos were featured and Dr. Paul Murphy, UCD discussed the relationship between soil type, soil fertility and water quality and how farmers can optimise production in a more sustainably.


Soils and Water Quality

Paul Murphy, School of Agriculture and Food Science, UCD Earth Institute, UCD

How farmers manage their land can have a significant impact on water quality. Routine farming activities such as fertiliser and slurry application can lead to the loss of nutrients to our rivers and streams. As different nutrients behave differently in soil types knowing how to maximise nutrient use efficiency and minimise losses is key to reducing input costs, protecting our water quality, and reducing emissions on farms. 


Paul O’Brien, IFA Environment Chair and Smart Farming Leader chaired the event.

20.30 – 20.35How to improve water quality video?(Video launch)
20.35- 20.40Tim Cullinan, IFA PresidentWelcome   
20.45 – 20.50How to improve soil fertility?(Video launch)
20.50 – 21:10Dr. Paul Murphy, UCD
‘Link between soil and water quality’
21.10 – 21.25Q&A 
21.25-21.30Paul O’Brien, IFA Environment ChairClosing Remarks