Basic Payment Scheme

Farmers Who Had Planned to Attend BPS Clinics Should Ring Dept Helpline

IFA Deputy President Brian Rushe said farmers who had planned to attend the Department of Agriculture clinics on BPS applications should make direct contact with the Department instead.

The BPS helpline number is 076 1064420.

Brian Rushe said the Department clinics are not going ahead because of the COVID-19 restrictions and there are many farmers who need help in making their 2020 online BPS application.

The Dept has confirmed to IFA that it will direct farmers to the best course of action to complete their application.

IFA is insisting that all applications are accepted this year given the difficulties posed by the restrictions.

So far, almost 66.500 farmers have applied, which is 5,000 higher than this time last year.

Brian Rushe said farmers have until May 15th, which is three weeks from Friday, to make their applications. He encouraged all farmers to make them before that date.


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