Basic Payment Scheme

Get Your BPS Application in by Tomorrow’s Midnight Deadline

IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy is reminding farmers who have yet to submit a BPS application that the deadline for applications is midnight tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15th.

Richard Kennedy said that, as of midday today, 120,300 applicants had lodged their applications with the Department of Agriculture.

The Deputy President reminded farmers that all applications have to be lodged online this year and any farmer who has not made an arrangement in this regard should immediately contact the Department of Agriculture helpline in Portlaoise 076 1064424.

This is the first year that all BPS applications must be made online. Online applications benefit from pre-checking, instant confirmation of receipt of application, reduced application errors, payment on time within deadlines and linkages to other schemes.

Richard Kennedy said the Basic Payment Scheme application is absolutely critical for all farmers as it is the basis of making a claim under all other schemes including, ANCs, BDGP, Sheep Welfare, GLAS, and Organics.

Farmers can contact the Department of Agriculture in relation to BPS applications by calling 076 1064424 in relation to queries on registering for or 076 1064420 in relation to queries on actually completing the BPS application once registered on

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