Basic Payment Scheme

Online BPS Applications Open

IFA Deputy President Richard Kennedy has urged farmers to make their BPS online applications as early as possible, and if they experience any difficulties in completing the application online to make direct contact with the Department of Agriculture.

Richard Kennedy pointed out that in 2017, around 114,000 farmers made their applications online, meaning 13% made paper applications. From this year, EU regulations require that all BPS applications must be made online.

Richard Kennedy said it is important that the Department of Agriculture provides assistance to farmers who have difficulty in making online applications. This can be done through clinics throughout the country.

He said it is important to note that other area-based schemes linked to the BPS application will now effectively be made online. These include ANCs, National Reserve, Young Farmer Scheme, and the transfer of entitlements.

The IFA Deputy President also highlighted the advantages of online application, including preliminary checks, which can identify over-claims and dual claims that can then be rectified without penalty.

The closing date for BPS applications in 2018 is Tuesday 15th May. Applications can be made at

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