ForestryTimber Price Surveys

Timber Market Report April – June 2022

The prices quoted in the IFA Farm Forestry Timber Market report were sourced from forest owners, forestry companies and sawmills. 

The strong demand in the market remains present as a result of the EU ban on timber exports from Russia and Belarus.

All prices quoted are for Sitka spruce (ex VAT). 

Product TypeLength (m)Diameter (cm)Price € /tonne (Roadside)
Pulp3 m< 7cm 25-42
Stakewood1.6 m > 8cm < 15 cm 34-44
Palletwood2.5 m> 14 cm 38-48
 3.1 m  55-77
 3.4 m  62-78
 3.7 m  65-84
Sawlog4.9m > 20cm  90-102
 5.5 m 100-115

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