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Timber Price Survey Nov – Dec 2021

The timber prices quoted in the IFA timber price survey are collected from forest owners, forestry companies and sawmills for November and December 2021.  The prices quoted are excluding VAT for roadside and standing timber.

Product TypeLength DiameterPrice € /tonne
 (m) (cm) (Roadside) 
Pulp3 m< 7cm 26 – 44
Stakewood1.6 m > 8cm < 15 cm 42 – 75
Palletwood2.5 m> 14 cm 40 – 63
 3.1 m  60 – 79
 3.4 m  74 – 80
 3.7 m  70 – 82
Sawlog4.9m > 20cm  95 – 117
  5.5 m 114 – 127 
Roadside prices excluding VAT for Sitka spruce timber

Standing Prices Price € /tonne
1st Thinning 12 – 22
2nd Thinning19 – 42
3rd Thinning 25 – 48 
Clearfell50 – 92
Standing prices excluding VAT for Sitka spruce timber during

Top Tips for Farmers 

  1. Prepare for your harvest, preparation should begin at least 2 years in advance. 
  2. If you are preparing for first thinning, it is advisable to put in inspection paths before selling their timber. Inspection paths are essential to gain access into the crop, these paths permit the assessment of the crop by a professional forester.
  3. Get to know the market value of your forest talk with other forest owners and/or your local IFA Farm Forestry representative to get advice. Get a number of quotes before selling their timber
  4. Sign a contract to ensure clarity around price, all costs involved and an indication of the net return per hectare.  The contract should also provide state the responsibility of all parties. 
  5. Monitor the harvest site, visit the site on the first day and during the operations. Talk with the operator and ensure that he is familiar with the conditions of the felling licence and that the right trees are being felled.   

Remember the primary aim of thinning is to improve the quality of your forest by focusing future growth on the better-quality stems. 

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